By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Baby Chihuahua Was Left Dying In A Dumpster… But You Should See Her Now.

A Chihuahua is getting a second chance at life after being saved from a campus dumpster. The tiny canine was found whimpering with both of her front legs broken in California’s Santa Rosa Junior College. The pup, who is believed to be around 14 weeks old, was placed in a hot pink cast with big hearts on it.

Named Darla, she is being cared for at the Sonoma County Animal Services. She will have to undergo surgery to repair her legs. Nonetheless, the two-pound puppy is expected to be ready for a loving family to adopt her within six weeks.

The cast is almost as big as the puppy.

Dr. Dan Famini took a photo with Darla to illustrate just how tiny she is.

The school has been monitoring Darla's recovery; they recently wrote on their Facebook page that they are confident Darla is going to have a great life.

Darla is now able to move around despite being on splinters.

People interested in donating towards the care of Darla can visit SCAS's website for donations. If you are sending a cheque, make sure you write "Darla."

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