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Japanese Soldiers Have Just Given You Another Reason To Love The Snow.

Every so often, a story comes along that makes all of us go "YESSSSSSS." This is that story.

In Sapporo Japan, army troops have been commissioned to build a fifty-foot snow sculpture of Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers, the Tie Fighters, and the Death Stare. The sculpture was built to celebrate Sapporo's 66th Annual Snow Festival, and it is truly epic.

The sculpture is 49 feet tall and 75 feet wide, and was constructed by the 11th Brigade of the Japan Ground Self-Defense force. The soldiers who were responsible for building it did so as part of a month-long training exercise.

Bonus: The Darth Vader & Friends sculpture is merely one of more than 200 ice and snow sculptures on display in Sapporo. The festival runs until Wednesday and has brought over 2 million visitors to the northern Japanese island.

Can't make it there in two days? Check out the amazing photos below!

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