By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Lazy Cat Doesn’t Understand Why Your Morning Commute Is So Stressful.

Morning commutes in overpopulated areas can be incredibly stressful, but Rory the cat doesn't really understand why. After all, her job during the morning commute is simply to stretch out lazily on the dashboard, without a single care in the world.

Each morning, Rory's owner snaps a photo of her lazing about on the dashboard like the magnificent little cat that she is, unburdened by human troubles like "jobs" or "operating a motor vehicle." We should all have a cat like this one, if only to inspire us to be way more chill in traffic.

Rory hangs out on the dashboard while her owner drives.

Get weady for the Monday twaffic! 🙀🚙 At least I got the best seat in da house 😼

A photo posted by Rory Da Roarier (@its_rorrry) on

Call me the dashboard cat -Rory 😸 #myfirstpost #catchthevibe #dashboardconfessions #bestmeow

A video posted by Rory Da Roarier (@its_rorrry) on

Seriously, have you ever seen a cat this chill?

Traffic means sleepy time for me 😼💤 #cat #catstagram #adoptdontshop #catproblems

A photo posted by Rory Da Roarier (@its_rorrry) on

In each image, Rory seems to be saying, "Leave your mindless job and commute behind and join me in paradise."

Thanks for being an inspiration to us all, Rory.

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