Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

Dashcam Reveals What Dover Police Officer Does While Patrolling The City.

Dashboard cameras record interactions as patrol cars are stopped or in motion, when police officers make routine traffic stops, conduct sobriety tests, and make arrests and have been a vital tool for prosecution. Some officers review the videos to critique themselves on professionalism and performance. In some cases, dashcam footage has also helped to clear individuals of wrong doing.

But this video reveals something unexpected while a Dover police officer was having a private moment as he patrolled the streets.

Officer Jeffrey Davis is an almost 20-year veteran of the Dover Police Department. A DPD spokesperson commented on their Facebook page:

"While reviewing dashcam footage, we come across some interesting sights to say the least. We decided we would share some with you in a new web series called "Dash Cam Confessionals." We hope you enjoy this...and Taylor Swift, if you're watching...we're sorry."

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