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25 Hilariously Specific Dating Sites That Actually Exist.

Have you always been a picky person when it came to your dating life? Maybe you have very peculiar passions and/or hobbies that just don't seem to mesh with other people's passions and/or hobbies.

Did you give online dating sites a go but was disappointed with the same outcomes? Perhaps that's because you're using the wrong dating sites.

Why waste your time at a general dating site when you can use one that's super specific to a person's passions. For example, if you're a horseback riding enthusiast, use Equestrian Cupid to find a fellow horseback riding enthusiast and so on.

Here's a handful of awfully specific dating sites that might help you out.

#1. Mullet Passions

A lot of people might say mullets should stay in the past. But if you're still rockin' with business in the front and party in the back, find someone who's just like you at this site!

#2. STD Match

Connect with singles who share the same STD as you here. It's 100% anonymous. Find someone you're not afraid to share your darkest deepest secret with.

#3. Biker Kiss

Careful, not for women who love men bikers. You also have to be a biker to be eligible for this dating site. As the motto says: two wheels, two hearts, one road!

#4. Purrsonals

It's not always easy to find a potential romance from a person who also loves cats. For people who want to build a family of cats together.

#5. Sea Captain Date

Awfully specific but if you're an ocean lover who has always dreamt of dating a sea captain, your dreams have finally come true. Find your romance from the seven seas here.

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