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By Camila Villafañe

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Farmer Got The Best Revenge On People Who Parked Illegally On His Lot.

He Was Sick Of It

He Was Sick Of It

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He was so upset. They had done it to him again. As he walked outside and realized this, he tried keeping a level head. He didn’t like losing his temper, but hated the fact that he had to deal with this issue after making every attempt to find a peaceful resolution. But it was obvious diplomacy wasn’t going to solve this situation. So, he came up with an idea that made him famous on the internet.

Adulting Is Hard

As adults, we often encounter some tough situations or difficult people that make us lose our cool. Our animal instincts urge us to use our fists to resolve this. But as adults, we have to find a way to solve problems peacefully. Nothing is gained by allowing anger to get the best of us. But that doesn’t always mean we have to be pushovers either.

He Tried To Be A Nice Guy

He Tried To Be A Nice Guy

One of the perks of living in a rural community is that you get to coexist peacefully with your neighbors. Well, that’s what Davao Bedekovic initially thought. Bedekovic enjoyed living in the sparsely populated village of Jakusevec in Zagreb, Croatia. But unfortunately, his neighbors had really started ticking him off. It shouldn’t have been this way, and he did his best to let it slide. Eventually, he realized he couldn’t ignore the situation.

Friendly Neighbors

Bedekovic had an idyllic life in Croatia, which isn’t really that surprising. Living in a small village where everyone knows your name is amazing. But even a seemingly perfect fairy tale life can turn into the ultimate nightmare, particularly when your neighbors are annoying. Then again, you can’t assume every neighbor is an angel. But you certainly wouldn’t expect an entire village to be full of nasty people.

New Business

New Business

Caters News

Bedekovic owned a field near the village center. As a farmer, he was glad to see the town’s population of 2,000 was growing. This meant more business. In fact, a market had recently opened up near his farmhouse. He was ecstatic about this because it was only a five-minute walk. This would make grocery shopping a lot easier. But he never realized the new shopping center was going to have such a negative effect on his life.

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