Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

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Farmer Got The Best Revenge On People Who Parked Illegally On His Lot.

More Trouble?

Having a market at your doorstep is perfect. You don’t have to drive. You can just walk if you’d like. But this new market was amazing because it was a sign that the tiny village was growing into something more modern. Eventually, their town would attract more tourists. But unfortunately, this new business came with some unforeseen issues no one could have predicted.

Issues With Parking

Issues With Parking


The new market didn’t have an area designated specifically for parking. And since there were several other buildings, shoppers started parking across the street to walk over to the market. But this was only a temporary fix. The market had attracted tons of customers and there wasn’t enough parking to accommodate everyone. So, some of the patrons came up with the perfect solution, but they never thought twice about how their actions would affect others.

Everyone Hates Parking

As the new market became more popular, parking spots became scarce. Soon, customers had no place to park when they visited. But anyone will tell you that when you visit a store, you expect to find a parking space quick and easy. As customers, we often blame the business for any and all parking woes. But since the market owners can’t simply blink more parking spaces into existence, customers have to get creative.

Get Off My Land

Get Off My Land

Paul Lewis

Before long, folks started parking on Bedekovic’s property, so they could go shopping at the new market. At first, he didn’t mind. It was only a couple of cars. But as the weeks passed, word spread. Soon, everyone was using Bedekovic’s field as a public parking lot. The weekends were the worst. There were so many cars that he couldn’t do any fieldwork. So, he decided to put his foot down.

Annoying Neighbors

Anyone who has ever had someone park in their property would understand what Bedekovic was going through. Let’s be honest, if a single car parked in front of your driveway, you’d probably have it towed. Now imagine a whole fleet of cars in your land. Bedekovic could have folded his arms and let it be, but instead, he decided to take action.

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