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25 Things About Leonardo Da Vinci That They Didn’t Tell You In High School… I Don’t Blame Them.

He was a scholar, an artist, an inventor, and a muse. His entire life was devoted to learning and creating, and his legacy is one of the most diverse and compelling bodies of work in history. He gave the world what is possible it's most famous painting, he answered confounding questions that none of his peers could figure out, he studied the most complex theories known to man, and he did it all while writing backwards, painting forwards, and possibly experimenting with his sexuality during a time when, well, that just wasn't cool.

Yes, Leonardo da Vinci was a badass, and an inspiration to us all. Here are 25 things you may not have known about this man-among-Men. #18 makes him our favorite person in history.

#1. He got distracted easily.

Known for being a notoriously slow painter, da Vinci left many of his works unfinished. He also left behind plenty of unfinished inventions - some of them were so unfinished that there is actually no evidence that they were ever built.

He got distracted easily.

#2. He was an illegitimate child.

His parents were unmarried, and da Vinci lived with his mother until he was five. He spent the rest of his young life living with his father, and his writings seem to imply that his relationship with his mother was somewhat strained.

He was an illegitimate child.

#3. Da Vinci had a teen step-mom.

Leonardo’s father married a sixteen-year-old girl named Albiera.

Da Vinci had a teen step-mom.

#4. He answered one of the most important questions of all time.

Da Vinci was the first person to accurately explain why the sky is blue. Still don't know? It's because of the way that the air scatters light from the sun.

#5. It was likely that Mona Lisa was expecting a child or had just given birth.

Despite the fact that the da Vinci spent his life creating amazing, magnificent, and inspired things, this small portrait is by far his most talked about, praised, and replicated work.

In 2006, researchers from National Research Council of Canada analyzed the painting using 3-D digitization through laser scanner technology. The scans showed that a fine veil was draped around her shoulders which was typical of a garment worn by women who were pregnant during the Italian Renaissance. The scans also revealed that Mona Lisa does not have her hair down as it appears, her locks are actually pinned into a chignon and covered with a veil.

#6. Da Vinci's kitchen was a No Meat Zone.

A staunch vegetarian, da Vinci had an unparalleled love for animals. Sometimes, he bought caged birds intended for slaughter and released them into the wild.

Da Vinci's kitchen was a No Meat Zone.

#7. He never went to school.

He was homeschooled in reading, writing and mathematics, but never had a formal education. When he was a teenager, he was sent to work as an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio, who was a prominent Florentine painter. In fact, after seeing da Vinci's work, Verrocchio was so impressed and humbled that he vowed to never paint again.

He never went to school.

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