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Mistakes From 'The Walking Dead' That Kinda Ruin Everything

The Walking Dead just aired the first episode of season seven and already it’s been announced AMC has signed the show for its eight season. The show where everyone thought the zombies were the biggest threat to Rick Grimes and his group, keeps climbing up in the ratings. Something rare for a cable network series.

The success of The Walking Dead goes beyond the scary and gory zombies attacking and pillaging through every city and town. It puts into question, how far would you go to protect yourself and those you love? It is another take of the world, post-apocalypse.

Still, the series has not gotten through without goofs and mistakes that even the most loyal fans just have to point out. As long as Carl and baby Judith survive most of us are willing to forgive past errors.

#1. Glenn protects the prison.

During the prison siege Glenn is in full combat form. In one scene he is wearing a helmet with the chin strap on. In the next scene, the strap is off.

Glenn protects the prison.


#2. Sophia has been with the walkers all along, hiding in Hershel's farm.

As she walks out, the walkers are on the floor scattered after the group has terminated them. Still, they managed to perfectly make a path for Sophia to walk through.

Sophia has been with the walkers all along, hiding in Hershel's farm.


#3. Baby Judith is an eternal baby.

Baby Judith seems to have been a baby for a really long time. From the moment the group arrived at the prison to when they left, she remained a baby.

Baby Judith is an eternal baby.


#4. Daryl is not always alone.

When Daryl is forced to join "The Claimers" in season four, he finds himself in an abandoned auto shop. You can see one of the crew members donning an orange vest through the reflection of one of the windows.

Daryl is not always alone.


#5. The one-eyed dog.

When the dog appears in front of the funeral home Daryl and Beth have taken refuge, he is startled and runs. The hanging cans make rattling sounds even though the canine never touched any of them.

The one-eyed dog.


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