By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Deaf Cats Are Using Sign Language, And It’s Making Sane Adults Cry Tears Of Joy.

Kim Silva and her husband John are both deaf, and they also both have an affinity for cats. They lost on of their cats in 2009, and quickly decided that they were ready for another feline companion to join their tribe. This cat was different, than the others, though: She was deaf.

Before Silva brought deaf Bambi home, she decided to do something amazing: She taught her current cats sign language, so all of them could communicate in the same way.

Now, all of Silva's cats, including Bambi, have a ton of vocabulary. Among the words they now know are: "come," "more," "sit," "stay," "shake," "high five," "sleep," "circle," "shrimp,' "play," "canned food," "finish" and "dance." See the incredible video of Silva and her cats in action below.

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Source: Tim O'Donnell