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‘Star Wars’ Fan Turned Popular IKEA Lamp Into Realistic Death Star.

Attention all Star Wars fans! Have any of you ever wanted your own mini Death Star? One that you can control on your own? Well today's your lucky day.

A DIY project has been floating around the Internet on how to create your very own Death Star lamp. But thanks to Lylelo's blog, we now have a helpful step-to-step tutorial on how to put the thing together and finally own our own personalized Death Star! It may look hard to achieve, but at least we know that it's doable.

Check out the instructions below and Lylelo's finished product at the end!

The first step you're going to make is to purchase the IKEA PS 2014 lamp. Get the copper/white one so it'll be easy to spray paint it light grey.

Be sure to do the spray painting outside so you don't breathe in the fumes!

This is how it should look after you've finished assembling it. But of course, we're not done yet as we're aiming for something darker and more evil looking.

Time to paint! PRO tip: if you want your death star to come out perfect, cover the copper interior prior to spray-painting the exterior. After you're done painting, you should have a light grey ball.

Next, you're going to use masking tape to cover certain areas of the lamp that will remain lighter. Use an x-acto knife to cut the tape into strips.

Don't make all the strips even, cut them into various sizes and lengths! Use them to create a pattern for your death star.

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