By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

What She Did To This Subway Sandwich Will Ruin Everything You Thought You Knew About Food.

If you've ever dreamt of a delicious, moist cake that looks absolutely nothing like a cake, then Debbie Goard is the visionary that can make all your birthday dreams come true.

Goard founded Debbie Does Cakes, a San Francisco-based bakery that specializes in cakes that look like savory food, animals, and everyday objects. Her edible art is bizarre and hyperrealistic, so much so that sometimes, the recipients don't even realize that what they've been given is actually a cake. In other words, more than one person has probably believed that their family sang "Happy Birthday" to them over a plate of french fries.

Goard is so committed to her unusual work that her bakery doesn't even make cakes that look like cakes. So, if you're searching for a tiered floral situation, Debbie Does Cakes is not the bakery for you. If you're into cakes with a little more panache, then check out Goard's awesome work below - we'll have the ribs.

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