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Ohio Company Adopts 2 Office Kitties To Make Work More Enjoyable.

You probably heard of emotional support animals, but have you ever heard about animals in the workplace? Well, the IT/finance department of an Ohio-based transportation company is taking the term “pet-friendly” to the very next level after adopting rescue kittens, Debit and Credit. Their shenanigans keep everyone entertained, which kind of makes us wonder how anyone at this office is getting any work done. All we'd want to do is roll around on the floor and snuggle up with these little guys.

Productivity must be at an all-time low at this office! After all, who could resist snuggling one of these little guys 24/7?

The adorable brother and sister were introduced on Reddit by an employee, and as you can imagine, they went viral in no time. But how are the employees able to focus? All we'd want to do is lie on the floor and play with these cats!

Pretty soon, everyone wanted to see what these two were up to while everyone else tried to get some work done.

The employees recorded the adorable kitties playing around and wrestling with an empty box lid. To say that they were super excited about their new pets is an understatement. But Redditors wanted to know what happened to them once people finished their workday.

Luckily, the employee that introduced Debit and Credit on Reddit explained how they manage to take care of the little guys when the day is over.

Once the lights are out, everyone goes home, except for the rescue kittens who stay in the office. Redditor Carenl said that the cats, “stay at the office at night (with a very sweet setup), and we visit them on the weekends for snuggling and playing.”

When the weekend rolls around, everyone in the office makes sure to stop by. So how many people are taking care of the little guys?

Well, Carenl explained that the building where their office is located is small. There are only 6 employees working there. “One of them is allergic, but she doesn’t care. The others stay in another building,” she wrote.

Pretty soon, Debit and Credit had their own Instagram account, and they’ve got close to 8,000 followers already.

Since everyone seems to be enjoying watching these two adorable brothers play around and wrestle, it was only natural that they’d get their own platform to share their daily shenanigans.

These two little fellas seem to be inseparable. It's nothing but snuggling, licking, wrestling, and purring all day long.

Now, followers and commenters are wondering if the employees could set up a live feed so people could watch these two play around for hours. Wouldn't that be neat? Well, it'd probably stop productivity altogether. That's for sure!

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