Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Ohio Company Adopts 2 Office Kitties To Make Work More Enjoyable.

Many couldn't help but wonder if their office was looking to hire.

If they were, we're pretty sure human resources would have a flood of resumes and job inquiries. And can you blame anyone for wanting to work at an office that's totally cat-friendly?

But having pets in the office isn't just a sweet idea. It could be very beneficial to employees.

Pets can help humans reduce stress and studies have shown that they actually increase productivity in the workplace. Imagine experiencing a bad customer service call and then reaching down to pet a sweet kitten. Wouldn't that make you feel a little better?

But if anyone suffers from allergies, then certain measures have to be put in place.

About 30% of Americans suffer from allergies. If you're the type that would sneeze and break out the second you come into contact with a pet, we're sure you wouldn't want to hang around Debit and Credit.

If you're allergic to pets, you could take a pill or try to expose yourself as little as possible to your office's pets.

Having pets in the office sounds like a fun idea, but there needs to be certain rules. They need to have their own space and places where they'd be allowed to sleep. Plus, employees would need to get on a feeding schedule so the animals aren't getting overfed. But overall, having animals playing around the office is seriously the easiest way to release stress and have fun in the workplace.

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