Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Easy Ways You Can De-Clutter Your Home, And Simplify Your Life.

#6. Be strict about every piece of paper that enters your home.

This is when the paper purge will begin. Put every piece of paper that comes into your household to the "two F's" test. If you can't file it (important documents, bills, etc.) or frame it (artwork, kid's good schoolwork), it goes into the trash.

Be strict about every piece of paper that enters your home.

#7. Clear out your living room.

Don't hoard your living room with too much furniture. Stick to the basics. All you need is a sofa, end table, coffee table, a bookshelf and maybe a comfy chair. Furniture placement is also equally important. There needs to be a flow.

#8. Even when you decrease your library, sometimes you still don't have enough shelf space.

Instead of placing them side to side on your shelf, try stacking them vertically! You can even stack a few of them and leave them on a table to make a pedestal for another item.

#9. Keep a cohesive look with all your framed photos.

Keep a cohesive look by displaying groups of photos with similar frames together. Match the photos' hues and/or the materials.

#10. Clear off the table.

A good neat stat to remember is to keep the top of the coffee table 75% clear. It usually helps if the table has drawers or shelves on the bottom.

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