Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Easy Ways You Can De-Clutter Your Home, And Simplify Your Life.

#11. Maximize your storage.

An easy way to store excess items you may have is with an ottoman. Not only is it extra seating, you can hide stuff inside it.

Maximize your storage.

#12. Store your meds somewhere else.

Contrary to belief, keeping all your meds in the bathroom could be a bad idea as it gets steamy all the time. Move your medication to a different room so you can gain some extra bathroom cabinet space.

Store your meds somewhere else.

#13. De-junk your kitchen drawers.

As easy as it is to just stuff every kitchen tool you can into your drawers, try to limit them to only items you use daily. Everything else you can move into a spot that's more out of the way.

De-junk your kitchen drawers.

#14. 90% of mail is junk.

Let's be honest, it really is. So this is what you do, you toss it out immediately. Leave the remaining 10% of the mail in a visible area or basket so you can be motivated to actually open and deal with it.

#15. Keep to the rule of three.

The rule of three here is the maximum amount of items per shelf. It doesn't matter what size and/or shape they are, just make sure they relate to each other by color or theme.

Keep to the rule of three.

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