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Deep-Sea Fisherman Posts His Ungodly Discoveries On Social Media.

It's no secret that fishermen have some surprising catches, but viewers are calling Roman Federtsov's discoveries "absolutely terrifying."

Federtsov is a fisherman based in Murmansk, Russia, that posts regularly to Instagram and Twitter. With every post, he introduces a new creature that'll reignite any fears or curiosities you might've had of the deep blue sea.

The Moscow Times says that his photos are reminiscent of Ridley Scott's film “Alien” while Gizmodo considers them part of the "most twisted Jim Henson movie ever produced."

One Instagram user wrote, "Dude these things look hella trippy. Wouldn't want one of these swimming by me. Lol I'd freak the eff out." This was in response to a photo of a halibut that happened to look a lot like a cyclops.

Others are shocked that he holds each of the "monsters" in his hand. Despite this, there are many fans that view his account as an excellent lens to an otherwise distant aquatic world.

Ready to enter Federtsov's world? Begin your journey below.

#1. Check out this beauty.

This one looks half-conehead and half-chipmunk. Doesn't it look like it's trying to tell us something?

#2. This is what happens when you forget to brush your tongue.

One user pointed out that this creature is called a frilled shark, a species categorized as near threatened. Unfortunately, many rare species like this are caught in trawls around the world.

#3. From this angle, it looks more like a dinosaur.

Anyone else getting Jurassic Park vibes? This eel-like shark has 300 teeth and is often referred to as a "living fossil" because it's seen little change from prehistoric times.

#4. Federtsov has tens of thousands of followers on social media.

As of December 2016, he has 77 thousand followers on Twitter and 54 thousand on Instagram. People are terrified but they can't stop looking!

#5. If you have arachnophobia, turn away!

Oh, you know, just another day at a work with a huge spider in his hand. He's completely desensitized.

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