By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Deer Was Hit By A Car… What Follows Is The Most Emotional Rescue You’ll Ever See.

Just call him the deer whisperer. Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid, works hard to protect animals that are sick, orphaned, and injured. Recently a female deer was hit by a car, the animal was in pain and scared. Cowell took the creature to a hospital where she was stitched up.

Deer roe’s are sensitive woodland creatures who can develop capture myopathy; the stress of being handled by humans can kill them. Cowell, worked quickly to get the deer back to the area where she was found. Unfortunately, the animal was struggling to stand and seemed to be giving up on her will to live.

Cowell kept talking and encouraging her to keep going. At one point, the man was becoming emotional at the prospect of the deer not making it. Without this human’s effort and passion, the injured animal may not have made it. Watch this emotional rescue and release.

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Source: Wildlife Aid