9 Cats Who Don’t Care What You’re Trying To Do… Because They’re Cats.

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Years ago, whenever I worked at my laptop, my cat would become almost immediately displeased. Instead of letting me work, she would first sit on my lap, making it difficult for my arms to rest and type comfortably. Unsatisfied with the level of inconvenience she was causing me, she would then stand on her back legs and use her front paws to repeatedly slap me in the face, one cheek per paw, over and over.

And yes, she had claws.

Judging by this hilariously awesome compilation video, not all cats are created equal. What they do share is the desire to be seen and acknowledged, because they are obviously the most important creatures in the history of the universe.

In spite of it all, these cat owners seem to love their demanding kitties just as much as I do. The cat at 1:24 is so polite!

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