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Denim Hair Is The Hot New Trend… The SECOND I Saw The Photos I Wanted It.

We've all got that one favorite pair of jeans that we practically live in, the wash and the fit being perfectly suited to our style preferences. But what if we could get that perfect denim look -- only instead of on our legs, it was in our hair?

The new denim hair trend seems to be aiming to do just that. It's the latest trend taking over the Internet, and the look lends itself to matching your favorite denim wash to your locks. From acid was to royal blue, there's a denim hair look for everyone. Check out the photos below.

The look can manifest itself in a number of ways, including deep shades of blue and multifaceted color.

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And just like choosing the perfect jeans, you can adapt the denim hair color to get your preferred look.

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If you were going to go for the denim hair look, which look would you choose?

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