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26 Facts About Denmark… As Soon As I Read #18 I Wanted To Live There.

Denmark is often rated one of the happiest countries in the world, but why? To start with, Danes enjoy a temperate climate due to the warm Gulf Stream. In terms of size, Denmark is a relatively small country in both area, 16,573 square miles compared to 3.806 million square miles in the U.S., and population, 5.7 million people compared to 318.9 million in the U.S.

Danes pay high taxes, but in return, receive high quality health care. All citizens are covered free of charge. And you know what else is free? Higher education. College, graduate school, medical school — you name it.

Scroll below for more interesting facts about the wondrous country of Denmark.

#1. What country has the largest meat consumption per capita? Not the U.S., but Denmark.

#2. Danes have an unemployment rate of 5.8 compared to 9.8 for Americans.

#3. Here's a peek inside the library at Christianborg Slot, which serves as both a palace and government building.

#4. About 50% of people in Copenhagen commute by bicycle.

#5. The country is known for some of the world's best open-air museums. One such museum is Sagnlandet Lejre, or the Land of Legends, where you can learn about the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Era, and 1900's. You'll find many people in period costumes here.

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