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By Camila Villafañe

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Man Shares How Improving His Smile Changed His Life.

Most people know that the best way to make an impression is with a smile. It´s why parents are always on their children’s cases to brush their teeth all the time after they eat. It might seem like a hassle at the time, but some folks come to appreciate why it was dental care was so important. Sadly, it’s often so expensive that a lot of people just can’t afford treatment. If anyone knows what that’s like it’s a political organizer named Jon Torsch, who shared his personal story on how fixing his teeth made his life so much better.

First impressions make a huge difference, especially when you have straight looking teeth.

People who have crooked teeth may find professional success a bit more difficult. So, it seems clear that the solution to a happier career and personal life involves having the very best set of teeth that money can buy.

Unfortunately, dental care is very expensive and medical insurance doesn’t always cover everything.

Even federal state health insurance programs like Medicaid only cover some of the costs of good dental work. To prove that, a Twitter user named Jon Torsch decided to tweet about how not having dental care affected his life and the lives of other Americans.

The political organizer highlighted why dental care must be included in all federal-state insurances.

Torsch talked about how poverty, depression and bad teeth had all affected him emotionally. He also discussed how paying $4,000 out of his own money allowed him to finally acquire and complete his dental treatment with the help of Invisalign.

The before and after effect of his treatment made him look as different as night and day.

He spent two years undergoing the atypical adjustment process that goes with wearing braces, even seemingly hassle-free versions like Invisalign. But he wasn’t able to do this for himself until he was an adult.

Torsch shared how poverty also meant that having dental or general healthcare was difficult.

He moved out of his home when he was 17 and didn´t find himself with any kind of insurance until he was 27. But even a job that offered insurance made the decision to get braces a little uncomfortable for him.

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