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Awkward Celebrity Derp Faces That Are Too Funny Not To Share.

Nowadays, seeing a derp face may actually make a person feel better than themselves. Let me explain, a derp face is a facial expression you might catch on someone during a very unattractive moment. The emotion the person is feeling can range anywhere from excited to confused to outraged to starving. Whatever the emotion is, it's irrelevant. The derp only exists because the handy camera man caught the photo just at the right moment.

So how do these derps make people feel better about themselves? Well that's simple. It shows us unflattering moments of people who are regularly deemed extremely attractive. What's even better? Derps of well-known people constantly in the spotlight.

It may or may not be a guilty pleasure of yours to look at these photos, but who cares. They're entertaining and they might give you a chuckle or two.

#1. Ryan Lochte

We've seen the Michael Phelps derp. Well, here's another olympian derp to add to the books. You gotta give it to him, it's not easy looking good while you're grasping for air.

Ryan Lochte

Clive Rose / Getty Images

#2. Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway

J-Law is known for her many derps, but for once she's not the one derping in the photo. Unfortunately, Anne's face was caught on camera during an awkward mid-laugh.

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

#3. Kristen Bell

This pretty actress is usually very well composed. But it looks like she's a master of crossing her eyes. I mean, one eye crossed while the other one isn't? Amazing.

Kristen Bell

#4. Ashley Tisdale

Looks like this former teen Disney star has grown up to be a pretty lady. Unfortunately, all people (including the pretty ones) have their not so pretty moments.

Ashley Tisdale

#5. Robert Pattinson

He's known mostly for his role as a devilish vampire from Twilight. Unfortunately this vampire doesn't look too devilish in this photo. Kudos to derping and showing off your cheekbones at the same time though.

Robert Pattinson

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