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These Design Fails Are So Awful We Couldn’t Resist Sharing.

As we go through life it’s always amazing to find some of the hidden jewels that we come across. Those hilarious moments where you know that someone screwed up or they just weren’t thinking at some point. It’s even better when someone takes photos of the fail and shares it with the world. After all, we all want to see them right?

Today you will see a bunch of these fails and some will make you laugh loudly while some have you just wondering out loud “Why?” The next time you leave the house be on the lookout for the Cyborg Baby or the public bathrooms with the mirrored ceilings!

#1. When you want to be sure?

The very pregnant woman needs the pregnancy test to verify that she is pregnant. That gives you a good idea of how she got pregnant in the first place.

#2. At least it works.

If you are running a billboard that broadcasts in multiple languages, you'd better be sure it works. Well, technically this one does.

#3. Quit school, keep smoking.

The message on this bus was poorly placed. It looks like it's telling you to take control and quit school.

#4. Privacy optional.

Well, actually not really. There is no option here other than not to look up. Who doesn't want a mirrored ceiling in their public bathroom?

#5. Return of the cyborg baby.

As soon as the bus stops Cyborg Baby Betty will be coming for you. You can't refuse her stare!

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