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Best 40 Desserts From Around The World. #1 Had Me Drooling.

After an awesome meal, there is nothing better than a delicious dessert or two…

#1. Chocolate Soufflé with Grand Marnier (France)

Chocolate Soufflé with Grand Marnier (France)

iStockphoto / thinkstock

#2. Apple Pie (United States)

Apple Pie (United States)

iStockphoto / thinkstock

#3. Gellato (Italy)

Gellato (Italy)

Hemera / thinkstock

#4. Babka (Poland)

Babka (Poland)

Wiki / Magnus-Manske

#5. Mochi Ice Cream (Japan)

Mochi Ice Cream (Japan)

Wiki / Charles-Nguyen

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