By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Haunting Photos Of Detroit’s Decline Look Almost Magical In This Amazing Video.

Detroit is one of America's most complicated cities. It was once the center of the United States' massive auto industry, but over time, jobs have left along with the city's residents, and many of the people who remain live in what's left of Detroit: A city with high rates of unemployment and a crumbling infrastructure.

Still, there is hope for revival for the motor city, and despite the disrepair, it's still incredibly beautiful. This time lapse aerial film by Joerg Daiber showcases the city's subtle nuances, from the Michigan Theater to the Packard Plant to Michigan Central station. See the video below to find out just how compelling Detroit still actually is.

An abandoned house in Detroit was decorated with flowers. The photos are absolutely beautiful.

Source: LittleBigWorld