By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 People Who Thought Outside The Box… And It (Almost) Worked.

Would you describe yourself as a loner, an independent thinker, or simply someone who thrives when they set themselves apart from the pack? Perhaps you're the type who loathes group projects, can't stand to go out in large numbers, and prefers to do their thinking alone than with a team. If so, you're going to like this roundup of people: They're all just like you, in that they like to think slightly different than the rest.

Yes, these are the solo-minded, free spirits of the world, moving through their lives at a slightly unusual pace. Hey, we don't judge them for it -- some of their ideas are downright brilliant, and we commend them for their contributions to our own lives. Others, well, others are just here for laughs. No matter how smart or absurd you find their ideas, you can't deny that these people are basically all unicorns. #24 will inspire you to your very core.

#1. This father should quit punishing his son, and start congratulating him for being so smart.

#2. Look, he's just trying to make his a commute a little bit more interesting. Can you blame him?

#3. They're trying to act like they don't know each other, but something tells us that they do.

#4. This woman might actually be a genius. How come we never thought of this?

This woman might actually be a genius. How come we never thought of this?

#5. One of these things is not like the other, and that's perfectly fine. In fact, it's great.

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