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Guy Posts This Picture Of His New Dog And People Immediately Call The Police On Him.

Diggy, a rescue pup with a goofy smile, was so thrilled by his new owner he couldn't stop smiling. So when his owner posted a selfie with him on Facebook, he became instantly famous. Unfortunately, his newfound fame would end up costing him dearly. Just days after the post, police swept in to take the Diggy away.

In June 2016, after years of hard work as a musician in Waterford Township, Michigan, Dan Tillery and his girlfriend Megan had just purchased their first home. But no home is complete without man's best friend. So after moving in, the couple set out to adopt a dog. Little did they know, however, they were signing up for a world of hurt.

“[My girlfriend and I] have been wanting a dog forever, but the place we were renting would not allow dogs. We just recently purchased our first home. All ours. And dogs are allowed,” Dan happily reported to the Oakland Press later that month. As it turned out though, not all dogs were allowed.

Facebook/Dan Tillery

Not long after settling in, Dan first set eyes on an adorable two-year-old American bulldog named Sir Wiggleton at Detroit Dog Rescue. After he was found lost and hungry on the streets of Detroit, Michigan, Sir Wiggleton was taken in by the shelter and had remained there for about 100 days.

For both Dan and Sir Wiggleton, it was love at first sight. A goofy picture of the pup with his tongue hanging from his mouth and his head cocked won the Dan over. Without a second thought, Dan agreed to adopt him, renaming him Diggy. At the time, everything had seemed legal.

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