By Eve

LifeBuzz Staff

Guy Posts This Picture Of His New Dog And People Immediately Call The Police On Him.

As Dan's very first pup, the musician was thoroughly excited to bring him home. He couldn't get enough of Diggy's wide-mouthed grin, so he understandably began snapping selfies with the happy dog. But for some reason, just one of these pictures had prompted someone to call the cops on the smiling duo.

The photo seemed innocent enough: it was a selfie where the pair were showing off their signature silly smiles. Both seemed to be over the moon about their new homes and new family. As a thank you to the rescue team that brought them together, Dan shared the photo with Detroit Dog Rescue, underlining the happy perks of adopting a dog.

In just a matter of days, Dan and Diggy's smiles had won over the Internet. In just a day the picture had garnered 24,000 likes on Detroit Dog Rescue's page. Not long after that, Dan found himself getting messages and calls left and right from the media. But for every following there will always be haters lurking in the shadows.

The post's caption read “We know this photo is going to break the internet and we apologize, but we had to share. After almost 100 days in the shelter, Sir Wiggleton just got adopted. Sir Wiggleton and his new Dad are celebrating adoption day with huge smiles all around!”

Naturally, Dan was thrilled with the notoriety going viral brings. And as far as he was concerned, there were absolutely no downsides to it. As a result, it came as a massive shock to Dan when, just a few days after posting the picture, the Waterford Police Department were banging on his door.

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