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Photographer Discovers Toy Dinosaurs Are The Key To Perfect Travel Photos.

If you travel a lot and your vacation photos feel slightly rote and uninspired, look no further: Jorge Saenz has the best travel photo idea that we've seen in awhile. And no, it's not about the environment, the poses, or the country -- instead, it's all about the dinosaurs.

Saenz uses plastic dinosaur toys as the main focus of his images, turning the average travel photo into a scene from Jurassic Park (that is, of course, if Jurassic Park didn't go terribly, terribly wrong). The photos are well-framed, clever, and totally hilarious, and they might even give you a few ideas for your next vacation.

Saenz's work proves that even the kindly brontosaurus needs a vacation.

He arranges all of his plastic dinosaur toys in peculiar and whimsical vacation settings.

No big deal, just a dinosaur casually wandering a European street somewhere.

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Despite their elaborate composition, Saenz's photos are shot using only an iPhone.

One thing is for sure: These dinosaurs are living their best travel lives.

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