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Fired Disney Workers Reveals The Weird Rules Of ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’.

People all over the world want to come to Disney. It really doesn't matter to them which one they go to, they just want to visit one of them. And why wouldn't they? When a destination is referred to as "The Happiest Place On Earth" who wouldn't want to go there at least once?

What a lot of people don't know is that in a lot of ways Disney is just like the WWE. That company has certain rules that its employees must follow in terms of conduct and some of the things they say. Disney has similar rules for its people and there are plenty of words that can't be used by their people.

To a certain point it makes sense. Employees can't use the word "vomit" and they can't use the term "I don't know." It makes perfect sense when you want your employees to come across in a certain way. Continue reading and you'll learn some crazy things that go on behind the scenes at Disney. Some will shock you and some will make you laugh. These come from people that once worked there so we can't say for sure what is actually true, but you just know that some of it has to be.

#1. "I don't know" doesn't exist.

Employees of Disney must do everything they can to answer any question that a visitor has. They can never respond with "I don't know." That must lead to a lot of lying because nobody knows everything.

"I don't know" doesn't exist.


#2. Woody with a woody

It's been reported by former employees that all of the cast members are having sex with each other. Here we see Woody having some fun during a break. We don't know if this means that the actual humans are doing this or if the fake people are just positioned in that manner. But it certainly gives you something to think about.

Woody with a woody

IWasGoofyAMA / Reddit

#3. There is a book of rules.

Employees are given a book of rules called "The Disney Look." It contains guidelines for appearances and it must be followed to the letter. Notice the use of the word "book" and not "pamphlet" or "manual."

There is a book of rules.


#4. We have a Code-V on aisle 8!

Employees are not permitted to use the word "vomit." They are to use the term "Code-V" instead. You can imagine this must be used countless times every day.

We have a Code-V on aisle 8!

Claire Meyer / Hairpin

#5. Cast members get anything you lose.

Any item that is lost and goes unclaimed for a long time is sold off to Disney employees. There really isn't anything wrong with that. If something is unclaimed from the lost and found for a long amount of time then it probably wasn't wanted that badly. All money collected is donated to charity.

Cast members get anything you lose.

Cowmissing / YouTube

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