By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Interior Designer ‘Cut’ His Room EXACTLY In Half… And I Can’t Stop Looking At It.

We all have at least two sides to our personality: half cautious, half carefree or half introvert, half extrovert. No matter what two halves make up the whole, no two people have the same blend. Imagine, however, being able to show this duality in your home decorating. Ukrainian artist, Pavel Vetrov, has been able to achieve the impossible.

In his art room concept, he creates a drastic contrast between chaos and color with cold minimalism. He has quite literally drawn a line in the middle of the room and within the same space, created two completely different moods. One is void of colour, very clinical with the exception of a colourful picture on the wall while the other side has colorful graffiti, what you might expect to see in an urban sprawl.

The funny thing is, although you are looking at the same room, each side provokes a visceral response.