By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

In One Divine Moment… This Go-Pro Wearer Experienced Something She’ll NEVER Forget.

What if you got to spend your days frolicking with dolphins, setting sail on the gorgeous waters off the shores of Costa Rica, and floating alongside these magnificent creatures? That's exactly how Sierra Goodman, founder of The Divine Dolphin, spends her days, and luckily, she captured one of those days on film.

Goodman's Divine Dolphin provides encounters with dolphins and whales in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. In addition to tours, Divine Dolphin is a marine research organization, working to build a protected marine area for these animals.

The tours often encounter mega pods (over 1,000) Costa Rican spinner dolphins, bottlenose, spotteds, commons, and humpback whales plus giant manta rays, and sea turtles. In other words, an actual dream come true.

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Source: The Divine Dolphin