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Couple Get Divorced After 19 Years, Then The Husband Sends His Wife A Note…

Divorce. It can get ugly pretty fast. It is the end of a marriage after all and not a ticker tape parade. While financially there's always one winner and one loser, the process can be traumatic for both parties involved. Of course, divorce will undoubtedly ricochet towards the kids if there are any. Most children don't handle the end of their parent's marriage very well. But this particular teen from Texas decided to cope with it in a different way. Instead of ranting on Twitter about her parent's divorce, she sent out a tribute of love to honor the marriage that once was.

This is 17-year-old Morgan Lynn from Texas and she had a very personal story to share.

Lynn started out by announcing that her parents were ending their 19-year marriage.

Lynn wrote on Twitter "My parents, after 19 years of being married, were going through a divorce... and it got finalized today."

What happened next was something that neither Morgan nor anyone else could have predicted.

Who would send flowers to their ex-wife after a divorce?

Uh, that would be Morgan's dad and he sent his ex her favorite flowers too, along with a note that put things into perspective.

Some exes wish death on each other, but Morgan's dad, Jason did the exact opposite.

In his message, he expressed what could only be described as unadulterated love for his ex-wife.

It broke Morgan's heart to see her dad going all out with this gesture.

She explained that Jason would always send flowers to her mom whenever she was having a crappy day. It's ironic, sweet and a little sad too that he still managed to think of her even after the divorce.

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