By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Easy DIY Ways To Create Amazing Art For Your Home… #9 Is Spectacular.

#6. Wind some string art.

Nails, wood, and string are all you need to create this amazing wall art. You can also experiment with different designs.

#7. Create an awesome DIY mural.

This is time consuming, but the design and colors make this DIY a worthwhile endeavor.

#8. Find a new way to stencil.

Doilies make excellent stencils, and they also add a three dimensional edge to any canvas.

#9. Make a detailed world map.

This DIY is only for those with incredible patience, but clearly, it pays off in the end.

#10. Become an artist.

If you can draw, the canvas is your oyster. A few ink pens, paints, and a canvas are a cheap investment, and from there you can let your imagination soar.

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