By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

19 DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know About, #7 Is Basically A Lifesaver.

#6. Homemade dry shampoo.

Washing your hair every day can be damaging, so a homemade dry shampoo can work wonders to cut down on oil and grease.

#7. A peppermint and thyme foot scrub.

Sure, this will feel good - but can you imagine how good it smells?

#8. An oatmeal honey face scrub.

This concoction can also work as a mask, and the oatmeal and honey work wonders to soothe and moisturize your skin.

#9. A turmeric mask.

This is an old beauty secret that many women still use today, and it works best on darker complexions. Warning: This will stain your clothes!

#10. A coconut oil and honey hair mask.

For those who have dry, brittle hair - particularly those who have had their hair lightened one too many times.

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