By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 AMAZING Ways To Reuse Old CDs. #3 Is Unbelievable.

With the beauty and easiness of downloading songs and streamlining movies, we no longer buy compact discs the way we use to. Instead, we seem to have stacks of CDs lying around. Here's 20 great ways to give them a new purpose.

#1. Coffee table

If you are bored with your plain table, use broken cds to give it a new life.

#2. Wind chime

Use a CD to represent the Chinese coins and charms.

#3. Embellished guitar

This is such a gorgeous guitar after it's been embellished, you will not want to use it to play music.

Embellished guitar

#4. Closet divider

This is going to be such a helpful organizer that you will want to make it for your friends and family. Use scrapbook paper and Mod Podge glue.

#5. Coasters

Make your coasters are colorful as possible. Sand the gloss off the cd. Hot glue felt circles to the bottom of the CD. On the other side use Mod Podge as base and apply the fabric, straighten any wrinkles out. Apply Mod Podge on top and let it dry.

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