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25 People Who Tried To DIY… But Really Shouldn’t Have.

DIY has become a big trend in the most recent years. If you're not already familiar with the acronym, it stands for "do it yourself." DIY projects usually entail some type of creative project that are "easy" to achieve for a much cheaper price than actually buying whatever it is you're making.

Unfortunately, these DIY projects aren't always as "easy" as we think they are. And unfortunately not everyone is cut out to become a DIYer. In fact, some people should definitely stay away from DIY projects in its entirety.

If you don't know why, then take a look at some of these DIY fails below.

#1. Goal: Tinkerbell Pancake

I don't necessairly see Tinkerbell when I look at this... More like a really big bird attacking a tree. Does anyone else see this?

Goal: Tinkerbell Pancake

#2. Goal: Buzzlightyear Cake

The face kind of looks more like Mr. Potato Head, don't you think? Maybe it could have been a little better if they added the swirl to the chin.

Goal: Buzzlightyear Cake

#3. Goal: Basketball Hoop

Maybe next time, try using an actual netting hoop instead of a toilet seat. Doesn't look like a hoop most kids will want to play with.

Goal: Basketball Hoop

#4. Goal: Penny Countertop

Combining pennies together for a countertop is supposed to create a copper-toned mosaic. Unfortunately, this person managed to create a choppy mess instead. Not so stylish.

Goal: Penny Countertop

#5. Goal: Gingham Wall

A gingham wall usually involves perpendicular stripes that creates a nice plaid pattern you may see on many flannel shirts. But it looks like the color blue made the stripes look too solid.

Goal: Gingham Wall

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