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25 DIY Father’s Day Gifts… #13 Is Better Than Anything Money Can Buy.

We know it seems like Mother's Day was just last week, but Father's Day is already inching up on us! As we all know, everyday should be a day that we show our love and appreciation for the old man but it just so happens to be easier to do it one day every year.

So what do you gift a man who's raised and taken care of you all your life? A man who gave you everything you needed and wanted while growing up. A man who you've created an unexplainable bond with that nobody can break. Sounds almost impossible, right? Unless your dad is a man who has a list of materialistic desires, it's pretty difficult to come up with a gift idea for him.

But sometimes something sentimental or homemade will be preferred over something bought and/or generic.

So we've taken the liberty to collect a list of various DIY gifts you could make for your dad. We promise they are all very doable!

#1. Laptop Stand

Make a laptop stand for the dad who loves to stay in bed. However, mom might get mad because he'll never leave bed with this thing in his life.

#2. The Gift of Time Together

Fill a mason jar with a bunch of hand-made coupons for your dad that allows him to spend time with you doing certain activities. If you're a son/daughter who never spends enough time with the old man, this is definitely a gift that'll be appreciated.

#3. Grill Set Holder

Perfect for the dad who loves to take over the grill at all the family barbecues. Turn him into an organized griller with this set holder.

#4. Infused Liquor

Create jars of his favorite infused liquor. If he doesn't have any, try infusing his favorite liquor with his favorite fruits. Just make sure to keep these jars away from the younger kids.

#5. Stamped Leather Tie Clip

Make a cool tie clip out of leather! Use a hammer and a punch set to stamp any phrases or letters you want onto the tie clip.

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