By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

10 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Actually Like… Especially #6.

With summer fast approaching, you may find yourself invited to events like weddings or BBQ's. If you want to get creative with your gift for the host, outside of a traditional bottle of wine, here are some neat ideas of DIY crafts that will definitely set you apart from other guests.

#1. Special photo coasters

Glue pictures with rounded corners to white or colored tiles using Mod Podge. Brush a thin layer of the same glue over top of the picture as well. Add felt to the bottom of the tile using hot glue. Give the photo coasters a quick coat of clear spray sealant, which will completely moisture-proof the finished project.

#2. Indoor terrarium

Moss, stones, sand, succulents, and plants are layered in mason jars to create a mini oasis.

#3. Beautifully textured bowls

Knead and roll out air-dry clay to a 5mm thickness. Apply stamps to the surface of the clay. Use a plastic or glass bowl to shape your clay bowl. Let dry, remove from shaping bowl and sand smooth edges.

#4. Marble mug

Fill a bowl in lukewarm water, add two different tones of nail polish. Mix it up. Gently submerge a white or beige mug in the water, let it absorb for a couple of seconds. Dry the cup for a minimum of three hours.

#5. Emergency treats for candy lovers

Purchase a plain deep frame. Apply vinyl to the glass which has been etched with letters with your message. Put the frame back together and fill with your favourite treat like M&M's.

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