Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Decorating Ideas That Are Ridiculous AND Amazing.

Did you recently move into a new place and stressing over how much it actually costs to decorate everything? Or maybe you’ve been living at your place for a while and want to give your interior design a makeover on a budget. We understand the struggle, home décor can items add up and are can become very expensive – but who says you have to dish out buckets of money to style your living space?

Check out these DIY projects that will upgrade your homes at a low price. Not only are they all affordable and doable, they’re decorations that actually look good.

#1. Have a super long hanging cord that you hate looking at? Turn it into cord art on your wall.

#2. Want a no commitment mural on one of your walls? Try using washi tape to create different shapes, get creative with it!

The best part is you can just take off the tape whenever you want.

#3. Washi tape isn't limited to just your walls, use it to decorate your furniture as well!

#4. Why buy coasters? You can create your own cool concrete ones.

#5. Or use concrete to recreate this modular wall planter as a cool way to display your succulents.

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