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23 Memorable Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids.

Christmas is a very expensive holiday. First, you've got to go gift shopping and buy presents for all your friends and family. Then when you're done with the presents, you have to get wrapping paper and ribbon to make the gifts pretty. After you're done wrapping everything, you need to buy a big Christmas tree to put those presents under. It's a never ending cycle of spending money! But instead of buying Christmas tree ornaments, how about you save at least some amount of money by making them instead?

You'll be surprised by how great some of these DIY ornaments actually come out! If anything, they add more character to your tree. Check out some of the DIY ornament ideas below to help you get started.

#1. Rustic Boho Twig Arrows

If you want a more bohemian look this year, try creating your ornaments with materials like twigs, feathers, wooden beads, and arrows.

#2. Photo Transfer Ornaments

Transfer your favorite family photos onto wooden ornaments to fill your Christmas tree with cherished memories!

#3. Scrabble Tile Ornament

Take some tiles from your Scrabble board game to form your favorite Christmas lyrics and glue them together to turn them into an ornament!

#4. Rustic Snowflakes

You can recreate these unique ornaments by decorating twigs with button stickers, pine needles, berries, twine, and felt. You can even use these as wall art if not hanging ornaments.

#5. Filled Ornament

If you have clear ornaments, instead of hanging them as is, try filling them up with colorful sprinkles for a more fun look.

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