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23 Memorable Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids.

#11. Simple Popsicle Stick Sled

These are so easy to make, even your children can make them! Just grab six popsicle sticks to create this mini Santa sleigh.

#12. Vintage Map Ornament

If you've got old paper maps that are no longer of use to you, recycle them by turning them into ornaments! The folding technique is easier than you think.

#13. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Repurpose your bottle caps into Christmas ornaments by painting them white and stacking them in 3's to create snowmen.

#14. Teacup Ornament

Turn a teacup into an ornament by turning it upside down and attaching a little bell to the inside of it. You've got jingle bell teacups!

#15. Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

Light bulbs can be ornaments too. In fact, they're the perfect shape to create penguins! Use paint to transform them and attach rope to the bottom (now the top of the ornament) so you can hang them.

 Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

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