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25 Easy DIY Projects For Your Pets… Your Dog Will LOVE #13.

Owning a pet can be very expensive. Unless you're adopting, rescuing, or receiving a free puppy/kitten from a litter your family member or close friend just had, you're most likely spending money for just ownership of the pet alone. But then there's vet bills, food, and toys and soon enough you'll find yourself buying excessive napkins and carpet cleaner or stain removers as your pet is being potty trained. Then, you're going to need a restock on food, a restock on toys, a restock on everything -- it's a never ending cycle of spending money.

Check out some of the DIY ideas below that'll help you save some money. The last thing we want you to do is spend a very big amount on something that you can create for half the cost (or maybe even less).

#1. Use a jigsaw to cut holes into a wooden plank to make a bowl stand for your pets.

No more food and/or water spillage!

#2. Repurpose big tin cans into dog (or cat) food containers.

#3. Make a coffee table that also acts as a crate on the bottom for your pet.

A perfect add to your modern living space.

#4. If you have a hedgehog, dress it up as a cactus (it's the perfect costume).

Sew pieces of felt together and simply stuff it with some stuffing.

#5. To help prevent your pets from shedding all over your car, create a covering for your back seats.

This is especially good for pet owners who take their pets with them everywhere.

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