By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

13 Awesome Ways To Spruce Up White Sneakers, #9 Is A Perfect Look For Summer.

#6. Vintage inspiration.

This is actually a lot simpler than it looks. Draw out the oxford design in advance. Let the ink dry. Paint and let it dry again.

#7. A little rock n' roll.

Insert craft studs into the shoes. Use a pair of pliers to flatten the legs.

#8. Modern tye-dye.

Soak your sneakers in tie-dye. Rinse them off at the sink. Put aside to dry.

#9. Patriotic sneakers.

Draw 2" thick lines across both sides of each shoes. Each side has a total of 4 lines. Draw stars on the tongue and the back lining. Acrylic paint the lines in red and the outside of the stars in blue. Let it dry.

#10. Written in the stars.

Using markers, color the shoes. Leave some areas white. Dip a paint brush in rubbing alcohol and spread the colors. Let it dry. Repeat the process of coloring the shoes with markers and spreading it afterwards.Use fabric paint to add the stars.

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