By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Couldn’t Afford A Sofa… So He Made This Cheap DIY Alternative.

Here is what the finished webbing looks like. It's starting to look like an actual piece of furniture.

Then, he secured arm rests to each side using nuts, bolts and washers.

Finally, it was time to address the cushion situation. Instead of buying fancy upholstered curtains, which can cost an arm and a leg, the builder bought foam cushions online and waited for them to decompress.

Then, he measured fabric and sewed covers for each piece of foam.

In the end, the look was clean and professional, and something that would have probably cost hundreds in a store.

There was only one small mistake - Can you spot it? The builder didn't measure his cushions correctly, and had to remove one arm of the couch. If you're going to attempt this project at home, make sure to pay extra close attention to the numbers. Otherwise, this couch looks great!


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