Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Genius Storage Ideas That You Absolutely Need To Know.

#6. Game Storage

If you're a gamer who has a lot of video game equipment at home, put velcro onto straps onto the back of all your controllers and remotes to neatly attach them to the wall of a cabinet.

Game Storage

#7. Bathroom Spice Racks

Who doesn't need more bathroom storage? Install spice racks onto one of your bathroom walls for extra storage!

Bathroom Spice Racks

#8. His and Hers Closet Organizer

If both you and your significant other have too many accessories and not enough closet space, try recreating this huge organizer that you both can share.

#9. Pots and Pans Display

Give yourself more space by hanging up all your big pots and pans. Use S hooks to hang them from a ventilation hood.

Pots and Pans Display


#10. Extra Closet Space

Create yourself more closet space by hanging multiple articles of clothing onto one hanger with this neat trick. You'll be able to stuff double the amount of clothes into your closet.

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