By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

13 Killer Hacks For Sunglasses, #8 Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Rihanna Video.

So you've booked your trips, stocked up on sunscreen, and managed to get your hands on a killer bathing suit. All of that is awesome, but summer isn't really summer until you acquire a pair of epic sunglasses.

Unfortunately, fancy sunglasses can really put a dent in your daiquiri budget. Luckily, there are some DIY tips and tricks you can learn to upgrade your sunglasses style without breaking the bank. Below, we've put together 13 amazing DIY ideas that range from fabulously feminine to minimal and modern. No matter what your style, you're going to love getting creative with your shades this summer.

#1. Get creative with Sharpies and make your sunglasses just a little more festive.

#2. Embellish your sunglasses with some quirky flowers in ombre tones.

#3. Stud the sides of your sunglasses to look like a badass.

#4. Use painter's tape and nail polish to create some awesome two-tone frames.

#5. Get a little dotty with this awesome DIY tutorial that's just as cute as it is easy.

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