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25 Last Minute DIY Gifts For Your Valentine.

If you haven't already planned out some type of special gift and/or date for Valentine's Day, you might be freaking out right now. But don't worry! You're not completely out of hope... just yet.

We've compiled a list of various do-it-yourself gift ideas. They're super affordable and easy to make. Give your Valentine any one of these and they'll grow smitten. If done right, these gifts have the potential of having a lot of sentimental value. So what are you waiting for?

#1. DIY Valentine Logs

Here's a gift idea that's not only inexpensive to make, but also gender neutral and will make a great permanent decoration in any house! Customize these logs by carving whatever design you want into them.

#2. Heart Hand Warmers

For people who live in areas that are still cold in February, these heart shaped hand warmers are the perfect valentine gift! They'll warm up your valentine's evenings and mornings when you're not there to keep them warm yourself.

#3. Light Of My Life Lamp

Do you consider your Valentine the light of your life? Does he or she brighten your mood whenever you're with them? Then this little light bulb would make a great sentimental gift.

#4. Custom Beer Bottles

Is your Valentine a fan of beer? Customize their favorite drinks with custom labels. These can also be added to wine or cider bottles!

 Custom Beer Bottles

#5. Wishlist Jar

Fill a jar with strips of paper suggesting date ideas! Each month your Valentine can pick one out for a guaranteed special date with you.

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