Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Hilarious DIY Fails That Will Make You Think DI...WHY???

#6. What do you do when the flap door for your fuel tank won't stay close?

You add a lock like this one. Okay, so you might have totally lowered the value of your car when you're ready to trade it in, but at least your fuel tank will be safe for a while.

#7. This 5-minute craft inspiration could have used a second thought.

And we thought Piper on "Orange Is The New Black" made a hideous fashion mistake when she made flip-flops out of tampon pads. But this really takes home the cake for fashion fail.

#8. Looks like someone loves fried eggs just a little too much.

We don't know if these nails make us hungry or nauseous, but we sure hope that this person didn't use real eggs to create this unusual nail art.

#9. This candy corn pizza takes sweet and sour to a whole new level.

Do we like pizza? Yes. Do we like candy corn? Does a zebra have stripes? But combining these two seems like something only an eight-year-old would do.

#10. The day dogs learn how to drive is the day they deserve a doggy car door.

Until then, this DIY idea is like an invitation to every thief in the area to come right on in and steal your car while you sleep, work, or shop.

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